Option 5 Destination Rotation Single Vibe and Rotation Pedal


  • Model: Destination Rotation
  • 2 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Option 5

Option 5 Destination Rotation Vibe Pedal - Have you ever wanted the Vibratone® or Leslie® 16/120 sound out of something that weighs less than 2 pounds? Here it is! I am confident when I tell you that the new Destination Rotation Single comes the closest to sounding like a mic'd up, single rotating speaker cabinet than any other effect available. The masses agree, I have been swamped with orders and fully satisfied customers thus far!

The Option 5 Destination Rotation Features:

Smooth overdrive feature with footswitch and level trimmer
Top mounted trimmers for slow and fast speed tweaking
Microphone placement control for effect depth
Realistic speed up/down ramping effect
Standard 9 volt wallwart operation
Low profile box (Voodoo Lab size)
True Bypass