Option 5 Destination Overdrive II Pedal


  • Model: Destination Overdrive II
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  • Manufactured by: Option 5

This has to be, by far, the best damn tube preamp sounding, solid state overdrive pedal ever created. Smooth, tight and responsive are words that come to mind. This is not another "Screamer" clone. This pedal will basically add another channel to your amp with all the features such as a classic tone 'stack' configuration for shaping your sound. It is able to sound like a barely broken up blues tone or with the twist of a few knobs, it will rip your head off with searing, scooped mids heavy metal. This is one pedal that has a range that is actually usable, throughout. I have designed it that way. The bass is never farty. Performing a 'dive bomb' will not make it choke. Roll your volume knob back on your guitar and actually reduce your gain. Picking dynamics and note separation are unbelievable. And, oh yeah, it's low noise too!

The Destination Overdrive II Features:

Most Underated Overdrive on the Market!This thing ROCKS!!!
Improved bass response
Improved gain control with more range
Standard 9 volt operation
True Bypass