They GLOW in the Dark!

These picks are so cool! Remember how fun glow in the dark stuff was when we were kids? No need to stop there! If you charge them up with a strong light like a halogen headlamp or natural sunshine, they will glow for hours. Our GLOW Guitar Pick Series have their own unique feel and sound. Many of our artists prefer them. Note: These are not quite as grippy as our clear picks.

Super tone enrichment, durable, and it stays in your hand, not on the floor. This is due to our own unique blend of acrylic that sticks to your fingers when warmed up by your hand. This guitar pick is very, very popular! It’s a fantastic pick that works for all styles. This pick will knock you out! The all-in-one V-PICK. We recommend this plectrum as an intro to our line. Longer bevel creates sharp attack, brighter tone & more volume. There’s some fast action in this pick! The Screamer has very bright highs and a big low end as well. The mids are not as strong as the other V-PICKS due to the bevel design, so this pick actually gives you a mid-range scoop! Most players will really like this pick from the start. Has that wonderful gripping effect. A lot of players never get the chance to try other V-PICKS after ordering this one because they are so happy with the Screamer.

Also available in Pearly Gates & Sapphire Blue

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