AS281 is a small full range 2 way active system in D’Appolito construction.

It is a slim-line self powered 2 way full range system based 2x8" low mid speakers with polypopylen cone embracing a bi-radial horn.

The D’Appolito concept offers constant directivity especially in the ‘hand over’ range of the speakers. It high-quality hybrid power amplifier delivers 100 Watts at 8/ Ohms with substantial power reserve due to oversized power supply.It is a stand alone system for general reinforcement/installation purposes and any monitor applications. It is perfectly matched to complement Acousticube 3 and Domino as additional full stereo system. In combination with AS550 D / Sub it forms a PA system for small clubs and/or acoustic, jazz or fusion ensembles.


  • 100 watts, dynamic control
  • 2 x 8" polypropylene low-midrange speaker, biradial horn tweeter
  • two-way full-range system.
  • D'Appolito construction
  • 14 kg (30.68 lbs)


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