A collaboration between Dunlop Manufacturing and rock legend Eddie Van Halen,the MXR EVH Phase 90 is a limited-edition version of the MXR Phase 90, featuring the same red, black and white stripes seen on the musician’s famous Frankenstein guitar. Van Halen credits the Phase 90 for creating the legendary spacey and swirling tones heard in his early albums. Over two decades later, Van Halen’s music continues to inspire and amaze young guitar players.

The EVH Phase 90 captures the original stopmbox’s iconic sonic swirls and warbles, and comes with added tonal possibilities, like an edgier phase tone. Use the Script switch to alternate between a vintage-sounding “Script Logo” phase tone and a more intense, modern-sounding “Black Logo” phase tone. The EVH Phase 90’s knob lets you adjust the speed, giving you underwater warbles to subtle tones.

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