In 2011, after 3 years of continuous research and dedication, Odery launched—in celebration of its 20th anniversary—a line with a sophisticated identity. We have years of experience making drums according to our strict quality standards, and we love what we do. Our new Eyedentity Series reflects all of this love and care.

Eyedentity Series brings you: hardware with a clean design, unique woods, shells with a different number of plies and thicknesses, and, thanks to our longstanding partnership, Evans drumheads. 

The exotic Nyatoh, a wood native to the tropical rainforests of the Philippines and New Guinea, is extremely resilient with a medium-to-high density. When we make Nyatoh shells, we keep the outer ply grain vertical—for an even more unique, eye-catching look. Furthermore, the way we distribute the veins adds even more body to its already dynamic sound.

Nyatoh is perfect for the discriminating drummer who wants exclusivity and style. However, Nyatoh is a controlled wood; production is limited. This wood is available in the Red River finish.

Model: EYE135-NY-RR-WS


This set configuration:

  • Tom 10 x 07″
  • Tom 12 x 7.5″
  • Floor Tom 16 x 13″
  • Kick 22 x 18″
  • Shell: 100% Nyatoh (Philippines)
  • Finish: Red River


  • Two single  EYE.SCH clamp-holders included
  • Shell pack – No cymbals and hardware included



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