The Apex460b is a high performance wide diaphragm vacuum tube studio condenser microphone that delivers incredible versatility and tone. Competing easily with far more expensive microphones in its class, the Apex460 is an outstanding choice as the main microphone for any professional studio, home studio, or any of the computer based direct to hard drive recording system. The 12AT7 tube in the Apex460's preamp stage offers warmth and a smooth transient response not available in solid-state microphone design.

The Apex460 has nine different selectable polar patterns easily available from a selector switch on the front panel of the external power supply. Rather than limiting the user to the three popular patterns (Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Figure Eight pattern) most commonly available, the Apex460 has three gradient stages between each position. This allows the studio engineer or home recordist far more versatility especially in vocal applications where an omnidirectional pattern isn't quite 'fat' enough, but cardioid is too narrow.Due to their rugged construction, high SPL handling capability and affordable price, the Apex460 is also an outstanding choice for live sound reinforcement or live recording.

They have proven themselves as a versatile overhead microphone for drum kits, for guitar or bass cabinets where superior sound quality and high sound pressure handling is required. They are also the mic of choice for saxophones, flutes, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass where subtlety and clarity is paramount.

  • Type: Tube Condenser
  • Black with Chrome Grill
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -37dB
  • Impedance: <200 ohms
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 20dB
  • S/N: 76dB
  • Max SPL: 125dB
  • Power Requirement: Dedicated Power Supply (Included)
  • Controls: Pattern Select Knob (On Power Supply)
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 1.8 in / 240 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 29 oz / 824 g

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