This is an Axess Electronics GRX4. It allows you to place pedals in each of the 4 separate loops, and then activate them via MIDI in any combination that you choose. These units are getting harder to find, and are still considered to be very desired by pro players for one simple reason - they work incredibly well all of the time.


  • The GRX4 Guitar Router/Switcher is a passive, no noise, sonically transparent guitar audio router and switcher
  • Relays with gold-plated contacts route the audio signal with absolutely no tone coloration or degradation
  • The signal path is configured as a series chain of three bypass loops (which can also be used for parallel fx splitting when a plug is not inserted into the return jacks) and one full loop which can also be used for "A or B" switching, parallel FX mute switching or isolated NO/NC latched or momentary control function switching of a guitar amp's channels
  • An input (INA) buffer can be activated via an internal switch to optimize pickup tone and prevent HI-Z guitar signals from being loaded down or picking up noise (see the "Connections" section for more information)
  • Capable of switching both instrument level (pedals) and line level (rack - with the buffer deactivated) audio signals
  • Can be used with any MIDI footcontroller capable of sending Control Change or Program Change messages
  • An infinite number of GRX4's can be used simultaneously or added to existing rigs with other switchers
  • Powered by a 9VDC Adapter (like those from Boss) with a 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector
  • Housed in a compact (7.50" x 4.75" x 1.50") and rugged .064" thick aluminum enclosure for years of reliable use and performance
  • Brushed finish with black anodize coating and laser-engraved printing

Sold out.

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