Introducing the Balls Powerful Booster!  What we have here is a recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Boost of the late sixties. The circuit provides a huge volume boost to push your amp into lush, smooth distortion. Coupled with the boost is a tone control circuit that allows for big booming bass, and bright, glassy highs. The tone control is a boost/cut type and leaving the controls in their middle positions results in a basically flat response. Turning each one down or up results in a respective cut or boost of that frequency. The Powerful Booster also uses the original 18V power supply using two 9V batteries to provide increased boost capability. There is also a normal external power jack to accept standard, center-negative pedal power. Using this jack, the Powerful Booster can be run off of a normal 9 volts, as one would with a standard pedal, and the only affect is a little bit less boost.

  • Balls Powerful Booster
  • Colorsound Power Boost clone
  • Huge Volume Boost
  • Controls: Treble, Bass, Volume
  • 9v or 18V  

Sold out.

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