The Beigel Sound Labs Envelope Controlled Filter is an extremely rare processor. Only 50 made. Designed by Mike Beigel of Mutron Effects. Great sounding envelope. A true sound on its own!
The history of this unit goes as a prominant musician had asked for a more sophisticated version of the Mu-Tron III, so Mike designed the rackmount Beigel Sound Lab Envelope Controlled Filter and had about 50 manufactured in 1980. Many prominant musicians including Elliot Randall, Marlo Henderson, Tim Bogert, Michael Iceberg, Jeff Baxtor, and Will Lee used them.

EFFECT SWITCHES :   Separate switches for Voltage Controlled Filter effect and External effect. Foot switch control jack on rear panel.

ENVELOPE FOLLOWER :   Independent Onset and Decay controls. Sensitivity control with over range indicator LED. Linear or Log response switch.

VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER :   Start and Stop controls, and Range switch determine filter sweep characteristics and excursion. MODE switch selects Lowpass, Bandpass or Highpass characteristics. Peak control varies filter resonance, manually or by envelope voltage.


Filter Frequency Range:
  •    LO : 150Hz to 5KHz Resonance frequency
  •    HI : 350Hz to 12KHz Resonance frequency
Frequency Response (Bypass position) :
  •    20Hz to 20KHz +|- 0.5dB
Dynamic Range (Measured at output) : 105dB
  •    Residual Noise level : -93dBV
  •    Maximum undistorted output : +12dBV
Maximum Input Signal Level (Bypass position) :
  •    6.3v RMS (+18dBV)
Maximum Signal Gain (Peak=10) : 24dB

Minimum Signal Gain (Peak=1) : 0dB

Sensitivity (for full envelop sweep) :
  •    Minimum : 1.8v RMS
  •    Maximum : 75mv RMS
Envelope Attack Time : 0.05 sec. to 2.5 sec.

Envelope Decay Time : 0.1 sec. to 5.0 sec

Envelope Voltage Output : 0 to 10 volts

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