Musicians are always wanting USA made, great sounding boutique pedals at a more affordable price...Here it is! 

The B-300 series pedals are true boutique. Smaller foot print, Analog, True-Bypass and made in the USA. All for a price that has never been seen in a true boutique style pedal. Like all of Big Joe's pedals,They sound great and built like a tank. Trust me, you can't go wrong with this pedal line. There isn't any effects pedal of this build quality and sound, in this price range that can touch it! 

Simple to use, psychedelic sounding, true bypass, analog circuit that simulates a “hands-on”, tape dragging modulation effect. Speed, Depth and Regeneration controls will let you add depth to the sound of any electric guitar or electronic keyboard and give you that slow sweeping, jet plane fly over, swooshing effect made famous by Van Halen and others.

  • B-300 Series
  • Smaller Foot Print
  • Analog Flange
  • Contols: Speed, Depth, Regen
  • 100% Analog
  • True-Bypass
  • 9v batteries or a 9v regulated line-in power supply 
  • Made in the USA

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