Rare Reverb Processor; Low Production Numbers 
The RT-921 Real Tube Reverb by B.K. Butler is a great sounding live or studio reverb processor. Very rare and unique in design.  It's the only stereo two channel single rack analog real spring tube reverb made. I believe Jerry Garcia used the same unit in the late 80's and 90's. The pots are little scratchy since it hasn't been used much, however it sounds great; very lush and deep.
  • 2 full sized Accutronics® reverb spring pans. (6-springs each)
  • Operational Modes
    • Discreet Stereo
    • Stereo in, Summed Mono out
    • Mono in, True Stereo out
    • Mono in, Summed Mono out
  • Compatible Levels
    • Line level in, Line level out
    • Line level in, Instrument level out
    • Instrument level in, Instrument level out
    • Instrument level in, Line level out
  • MosValve (Patented) high-powered reverb drivers. Impedance and symmetry balanced to perfectly match the characteristics of tube/transformer drivers in old black-face "FenderTM" reverbs with greatly enhanced versatility and no instabilities.

  • Extremely low-noise reverb recovery system including advanced circuitry and 4-stages of 12AX7A tube enhancement with level matching to insure proper channel balance.

  • BK Butler's special actively summed, passive characteristic 3-band EQ system with active output level control.

  • Stepping clip indicators which indicate -3dB from noticeable tube clipping.

  • Completely by-passable, including footswitch jack.

  • External high-current power supply to reduce internal hum and noise to unprecedented low levels.

  • Built with two goals in mind: GREAT TONE! LASTING RELIABILITY!

    S/N RATIO:



    • 30 VAC, 600 MA
    • (4) 12AX7A/ECC/83 (Selected)
    • 1 MEG. OHMS
    • 75 dB (Typical)
    • -85 dB (Typical)
    • 470 OHMS (Typical)
    • LINE AND INSTRUMENT (All Continuously Active) STANDARD 19"; 1 -SPACE RACKMOUNT; 10.5" DEEP (From Mounting Surface)
    • 11.5 LBS (including Power Supply)


      Although the REAL TUBE REVERB is ruggedly housed in heavy-gauge steel, care should be given to the unit as tubes are made from glass. Avoid physical abuse. Your REAL TUBE RE- VERB has been designed for prolonged periods of continuous use without overheating or dam- age. NOTE: This unit does produce certain amounts of normal heat. BE SURE TO ALLOW PROPER VENTILATION ABOVE AND BELOW UNIT.

      Sold out.

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