In the world of guitar effects pedals, there are not many pedals that stand out as unique as the Crystal Dagger. The Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger is what happens when a pseudo-Octavia fuzz and a ring modulator make sweet, sweet love. The child of this unlikely couple is the Crystal Dagger, an octave-fuzz/ring modulator/phase pedal that is unlike anything previously heard by the masses. The Fuzz side consists of a painstakingly created fuzz that produces a high gain crunch that is sweet and out of control at the same time. The octave effect can be switched in via a mini-toggle and adds a dimensional soundscape of upper-octave bliss to the fuzz tone. Now, here 's where the Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger gets interesting the Ring Mod side is pure evil. This side utilizes LFO-swept filter modulation that is run in parallel with the input signal.

  • Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger
  • Octave-fuzz, ring modulator, phase pedal combined
  • Controls: Filter and Level, Frequency and Level, Blend Control and Octave up Toggle Switch
  • Condition: The pedal is in excellent condition, minor scratches.

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