The Bugera V22 Infinium 22-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Tube Amplifier Combo with Reverb is designed for musicians who want a vintage tube sound with modern power management, clean and lead channels, vintage 3-band tone controls, presence control, and built-in reverb. The hand-built 22-watt amplifier is driven by three 12AX7 tubes in the front-end preamplifier stage, two EL84 tubes in the output stage, and powers a 12" Turbosound speaker.

The unit features Infinium Tube Life Multiplier technology that monitors the performance of the tubes and dynamically drives them to the target operating point to improve their lifespan by up to 20 times. The technology monitors the tubes and triggers an adjacent LED to indicate when a tube is in need of replacement. A mode switch allows you to switch between Triode and Pentode operation.

The front panel of the unit features two 1/4" instrument inputs for normal and bright tones as well as a clean level knob, a gain knob, and an overall volume knob. It also features dedicated control knobs for bass, mid, treble, master, presence, and reverb. The amplifier comes with a 2-control footswitch for selecting the channel and controlling the reverb effect.



  • Hand-built 22-Watt guitar combo driven by 2x EL84 Tubes
  • Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology:
    • Extends the life of your amplifier’s expensive power tubes up to 20 times
    • Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone over the complete lifespan of your tubes
    • No need for expensive matched tube sets
    • Allows you to mix and match any combination of compatible tubes types and brands
    • Monitors performance of each power tube continuously and displays defective tubes to allow for easy and individual replacement
  • British engineered 12" Turbosound speaker
  • Authentic 2-channel preamp design from the '60s featuring 3x 12AX7 tubes—everything from purring blues to mind-blowing crunch
  • Integrated high-definition reverb with dedicated Reverb control
  • Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence con
  • Normal and Bright inputs for ultimate sound character to perfectly match your guitar
  • Multi-gain stage Lead channel with Gain, Volume and Master controls
  • Amazing Mode switch to select between Triode or Pentode operation
  • Heavy-duty footswitch for Channel and Reverb function included
  • Impedance connectors (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any external speaker cabinet
  • 3-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered by BUGERA Germany

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