All the gain and grit of a Screamer Fuzz combined with the tap-tempo and rhythmic patterns of the Tap-A Series pedals.

What originally started as a joke has now become one of the most versatile and exciting pedals on the market. The Cusack Tap-A-Fuzz is the newest pedal out of the Cusack Tap-A Series. Like the Tap-A-Scream, the Cusack Tap-A-Fuzz is the first and only fuzz on the market with tap tempo. Along with the 24 Waveforms, controls for Level, Fuzz, Gain, and Clipping options allow you to create many unique sounds.

Like the rest of the Tap-A line, the Fade-in, Brake Speed, Tap Divide and Tempo are all programmable for each waveform independently. Once you have the settings for a given waveform, simply push BOTH foot switches at the same time to save those settings.

An external RCA jack on the back of the pedal can be used as either a Tap IN, or OUT. Connect a cable from the RCA jack to another pedals Tap input to use the internal switch on the Tap-A-Fuzz to tap both at the same time. You could also set the tempo remotely by plugging the PBT Tap Out or Remote Tap Switch into this RCA jack.

  • Overdrive and Fuzz Effect Combines
  • Option 8-position selector knob can be used to select Tap Divide, Fade-In of the effect, and Brake Speed
  • Bank 3-way toggle-switch selects from 3 available banks of waveforms which are selected by the Wave knob
  • Clip Mode 3-way toggle-switch selects from 3 different diode clipping Stock, LED, and Crushed.
  • Internal Mode Jumper selects between Preset and Live modes. Preset modes allows you to recall specific parameter presets for individual waveforms while in Live mode the current settings apply to all waveforms.
  • Tap Speed foot-switch adjusts Tap Tempo. It may also be used to slow down and speed up the tempo when held down.
  • External Tap Tempo RCA jack can be used to Tap In or Out. An external momentary switch may also be used to set tempo remotely.
  • True By-Pass
  • Made in the USA

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