DR Strings Neon Green Electric Guitar Strings with K3 long-life coating are nickel plated long-lasting electric guitar strings wound on hexagonal cores.

DR's Neon Green is the second in DR's SuperStrings series. Super bright in day light, and with stage lighting. DR's NEON strings are so bright in appearance "they look like they are on fire." DR's NEON strings shine brightly under stage lights, and are 100% black light active so they glow strongly under UV lighting. And DR's NEON sound as good as they look. As Joey Clemment from Salena Gomez said, "Yeah they look great, but they sound incredible!"

NEON is the first coated string to make no apologies. While NEON lasts as long as a coated string should (three to four times as long as uncoated strings) they sound as good, or better than uncoated strings... no excuses.

  • Neon Green
  • NGE-10
  • Gauges: 10-13-17-26-36-46
  • K3 Coating

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