The Dream Cymbal Scott Pellegrom Crop Circle is a 2'' wide circle with a 10'' diameter cropped out of a larger cymbal. This effect cymbal features four pairs of jingles and creates an excellent texture. Simply place on a snare or tom and it acts like an effects pedal for acoustic drums by modulating the sound and adding a wide range of new sound possibilities. When placed on top of a ride cymbal, the Crop Circle sizzles and dances adding a whole new wall of sound to your mix.


  • 2'' Wide Circle With 10'' Diameter Cropped Out Of A Larger Cymbal
  • Features 4 Pairs Of Jingles That Deliver Incredible Effects
  • Place Onto A Snare Or Tom For Endless New Possibilities
  • Sizzles & Dances When On Top Of A Ride Cymbal
  • Adds A Whole New Pallet Of Sound To Your Mix

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