1974 Electro-Harmonix Rams Head V2 Big Muff in really great shape. This one comes with the "Data-Ware" set of knobs. These are the original knobs that came with the unit.  As for the tone, these are great all-around fuzz / distortion pedals.

David Gilmour is probably the most famous guitarist to make these pedal so desirable but the tone alone is what makes these pedal stand-out! Listen to the Animals and The Wall era Pink Floyd albums for examples of solo tones using this pedal, and listen to Dinosaur Jr. for examples of the wall-of-sound use of this pedal.

  • Original 1974 Ram's Head Big Muff Pi V2
  • Daka-Ware Knobs
  • On - Off Marking
  • Scooped Mids
  • Very Aggressive Attack
  • Sound Examples: Pink Floyd's The Wall; Dinosaur Jr.
  • Condition: Very good condition, minor scratches and smudges

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