EHX is putting out some great pedals these days. The Canyon Delay and Looper featuring ten effects and a looper is a great example of that. This compact pedal delivers a solid pallet of spatial effects from a warm 5 millisecond delay, cavernous reverb to an intense sample and hold combined with a 62 second looper. Wow, how did they get all those effects into one small pedal? If that's not amazing enough, this pedal, with all these effects, is under $140.00.

A few highlights is the Internal or external Tap Tempo with tap divide, an authentic sounding tape delay and a tails switch that allows the user to choose whether echos repeat or stop immediately when switched to by-pass. Here is a list of the Canyon's 11 modes:

ECHO: Digital Delay

MOD: Modulated Delay: Modulation is added to give the delayed tone complexity and warmth.

MULTI: Multi-tap Delay: Each repeat occurs at exactly the same volume

REVRS: Reverse Delay: The echoes play in reverse. This is an intelligent reverse echo that analyses what's being played for optimal accuracy

DMM: Deluxe Memory Man: A faithful emulation of the tone of the famous EHX bucket brigade, analog delay pedal

TAPE: Tape Delay: Simulates analog tape echoes including tape wow and flutter.

VERB: Reverb plus Delay: Each echo has plate reverb applied to it.

OCT: Octave Delay: Each repeat is progressively shifted up one octave

SHIM: Shimmer: Effect generates a rich octave-shifted wash of harmony

S/H: Sample and Hold: Senses a guitar being plucked and produces echoes indefinitely until another pluck is sensed

LOOP: Looper with up to 62 seconds of looping time.

  • Time-based multi-effects in a pedalboard-friendly size
  • 8 onboard delay types, including tape, Deluxe Memory Man, and reverse
  • Looper function offers loop lengths of up to 62 seconds
  • Tap/Divide button chooses rhythmic subdivisions for the tap tempo
  • Knobs also control secondary features such as modulation
  • On the fly tap tempo

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