The Ernie Ball Most Valuable Pedal provides a super smooth foot sweep, ideal for precise volume control with no high-frequency loss at any volume. Works with both active and passive electronics, the MVP also includes a powerful gain boost allowing players to increase the audio signal up to +20 decibels. The MVP features a compact, rugged design consisting of aircraft grade aluminum housing that is virtually indestructible. Requires DC 9V/100mA minimum power supply or 9V battery.

  • Minimum volume control allows for the heel position to be set at zero up to 50% for any rythm level.
  • Gain control allows for the toe position to be set at 100% up to a boosted 20+ decibels of gain for powerful lead levels.
  • Tuner output can be used at any volume, with any tuner, without any effect on audio signal.
  • No high frequency loss at any volume.
  • Works with active and passive audio signals.
  • Can be placed anywhere in the signal chain.
  • Improved sweep for ideal volume control,
  • 9v batttery or AC adapter powered. (adapter not included)
  • Condition: Excellent, works great and looks great. Includes the box.

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