The Vivace is a Klon Clone and it's so close you cant tell them apart. This is a great sounding pedal and by saying that I'm not even doing it justice. It enhances the tone of your amp and guitar. The makers of this pedal, Human Gear, have done their homework. Not sure how they tie into the Klon but if you look at some of the used Klons in the market you'll notice on the back of the pedal a Human Gear sticker. In any case you won't be dissappointed with this pedal! The pedal features a Volume, Tone and Gain control which allow you to shape your tone. All Human Gear pedals are handcrafted in Japan.

The condition of this pedal is excellent. It does have some paint chips however most their pedals have this problem. Its only cosmetic however the paint chips easily.  

  • Klon Clone
  • Controls: Volume, Tone and Gain
  • Amazing tone, closest tone to the Klon I have found
  • True By-Pass
  • Made in Japan

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