The Ibanez OD-850 is a classic overdrive and distortion pedal. A pick of the pros since it's beginnings. The sound is huge and really cuts through a mix.  

This is a great sounding overdrive pedal. Works on a battery or 3.5mm cable. The batterry operation will give you the sag that defines great distortion and fuzz pedals. These were precursors to the infamous TS-808 and TS-9 Tube Screamers. This is wear it all began which is why these are so highly sought after. This one is have some dings but overall its in great shape for its age.


  • Original 81' Ibanez OD-850
  • Block Logo
  • 3.5mm Power Jack
  • Controls: Distortion, Tone and Balance
  • Condition: Very good cosmetically considering its age, functions perfectly.

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