The SDD-2000 is very similar in tone to the SDD-3000, but actually has several more modern features that the SDD-3000 doesn't, namely dozens of progammable presets, complete MIDI controllability and sampling functionality. It gives you beautiful delays with over four seconds of sample time. You can also playback samples chromatically from a midi keyboard. Awesome chorus, flanging & vibrato...and with a fully adjustable modulation parameter you can go from subtle sound textures to totally insane experimental noise.

Sync your delays to tempo via midi, tap, or just dial in your exact delay time. You can adjust your feedback for just one repeat, multi-repeats, or all the way to self-oscillation. There are 64 program memories to store your individual settings. The Korg SDD-2000 is a superb delay, chorus and modulation effect for guitar, but it also rocks with bass and vocals. It’s a real classic and a must-have!

  • Vintage Korg SDD-2000 from the 1980's
  • Excellent Delay, Chorus and Modulation Effects for Guitar
  • Progammable presets, complete
  • MIDI Controls
  • Sampling Features
  • Adjustable Modulation Parameters
  • 64 Programmable Memories superb  

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