The Leslie 16 is a close equivalent to the Fender Vibratone. Both are essentially identical except for cosmetics like the logo and the back of the Leslie attaches a little differently. 

It has two speeds, that works with a footswitch that chooses either fast, slow, or off. The speaker remains on at all selections. 

In the both the Leslie 16 and the Vibratone, there was a crossover built into the cable assembly. It sent the mids to the Leslie, and the lows and highs to the main amp driving the Leslie. A switching system would blend in the Leslie with main amp speaker.  

Compared to a regular guitar amp it's much lower in volume simply because there is no direct projection of sound.  The sound comes through ports on the side and top with one 10 inch speaker.

The condition is excellent. Cosmetically it looks super. The grill cloth has some stains probably smoke stains from gigging in clubs, however it doesn't reek of smoke. The black tolex is a little dusty but in excellent condition and most importantly is works and sounds fantastic. It include the footswitch so you're ready to rock!

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