The Big Cheese is a loving homage to the nasty, buzzy yet gorgeous and harmonically rich early fuzz. While having many of the classic characteristics that every fuzz fan will relate to it goes beyond to create an absolutely distinct character of its own. Its innovative and interactive controls can take it from almost "gated" break-up to overkill of shred proportions.

Far from being just a guitar pedal however the Big Cheese™ is eminently useful for seeing to any sound with the temerity to be naff or boring (with particularly amusing consequences in the lower regions). To lovers of that extraordinary spectacle known to some as "furrrzze bass!" it offers terminally thunderous, ripping yet glitch-free and buttock-clenching mayhem that can only be described as Larry Graham on steroids (as demonstrated to devastating effect by the man himself!).

The Big Cheese™ works exceptionally well in the fx loop of the Meatball™ creating some of the squelchiest curdled sounds ever - particularly true of the "cheese" setting which gives the signal huge dynamics thus cutting through a mix like the fattest, raspiest analogue synth. Coupled in this way with an octaver it can perform an uncanny impersonation of a guitar synth with no delay or tracking worries.

  • Big Cheese
  • Fuzzy goodness...dial in a flavors of fuzz. Goes from Germanium to Silicon tones.
  • Condition: Excellent condition with very minimal cosmetic wear. It sounds great!
  • This is a favorite of many guitar players, Johnny Marr, Nils Cline, J Mascis, The Edge...It's a great sounding pedal and very rare!
  • Made in England

Sold out.

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