Marshall JCM800 50-Watt Combo. It's a 2×12 combo version of the legendary JCM80! Classic vintage Marshall tones perfect for that AC/DC, ZZ Top, and Hard Rock style of playing. This amp sounds incredible with a very tight and balanced hi-gain sound. It's in great condition with a few dings and scuffs in the tolex but all very minor. It's all original including the Drake transformer and Celestion G12M-70 speaker. I did add NOS Mullard EL34 tubes. It originally had a couple of Groove Tubes and they sounded ok but when I added the Mullards, Wow, heavenly tone appeared! This amp is the real deal 1984 JCM800. Built in the hayday when hard rock was the thing and we wanted to be like our heros, Page, Henfrix, Roads, and Van Halen. If you're ready to rock, you need this amp!


  • Marshall JCM800 4104 Combo
  • 1984
  • 2x12; Celestion G12M-70 16 Ohm Speakers
  • Single Channel, Master Volume
  • Matched set of NOS Mullard EL34s
  • Made in England
  • Internally / Externally Original
  • Condition 8 of 10 

Sold out.

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