Something really out of the ordinary. I have a complete set of Maxon Effects Pedals. Each pedal is brand new with serial number 1. You get a few overdrives and compressors, a couple of fuzz pedals, EQ, chorus, booster, auto filter and several analog delays. Its full a pedal board of effects and very collectable.  

  • Maxon 2015 Pedal Collection - Serial Number 1 on all Pedals
  • 14 Effects Pedal
  • Made in Japan
  • Pedal List: ASC10 Chorus, OD9 Overdrive, GE601 Graphic EQ, AD9 Pro Analog Delay, OD9 Pro+ Overdrive, Fuzz Elements Water, OOD9 Organic Overdrive, Fuzz Elements Ether, AF9 Auto Filter, CP101 Compressor, CP9+ Compressor/Limiter, DB10 Dual Booster, AD10 Analog Delay, OD808X Extreme Overdrive
  • Condition: Each pedal is brand new in the box, never been used

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