The Triad features a preamp derived from the classic Korg SDD-3000. This was a rack delay from the mid '80s that accidentally sounded fantastic for guitar, even when used as a preamp with the delay bypassed.

The Korg unit is now hard to find, expensive, and requires a lot of maintenance. In addition, it is noisy, has a less than optimal input impedance for use with guitar, and has preset "boost" levels which are fairly drastic.

The Triad is an updated and expanded version of the SDD preamp sound, keeping what's great about it but reducing the noise floor, keeping a consistent proper input impedance for guitar, and offering a wide range of gain levels, including a footswitchable adjustable boost for much more tonal and performance flexibility than the old Korg units, or any other straight copy of the Korg circuit.

Choose more features from the menu on the right to see why the Triad remains the best choice for the classic SDD preamp sound.

  • Preamp

The first stage of the Triad is an extremely high quality analog preamp with gobs of gain available (from unity to +30dB) and a subtly addictive tonal enhancement.

  • Mixer

The second stage of the Triad is a switched loop that can be configured for series or parallel use with control over signal polarity and selectable high and low frequency filters.

  • Boost

The third stage of the Triad is a selectable, adjustable boost, ranging from unity to +10dB, with a unique musical tone control.

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