We sell acoustics by makers like Dean Guitars, Washburn, Recording King, Loar, Takamine and more. Our acoustic collection includes Dreadnaught, OM, Parlor, 12-Fret and Cutaway acoustic guitars. 

All electric acoustic guitars will function normally without the use of electricity, the sound just won’t be amplified. The strings are strum just like a regular acoustic guitar and it isn’t modified by the pickups.

Since the pickups are mounted away from the soundboards, it doesn't affect the original acoustic sound. This is why many electric guitar players will practice without amps and are especially useful if you don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

Why do Acoustic Electric Guitars need batteries?

Unlike pure electric guitars, the batteries are needed to power the sensor that picks up vibrations from the entire guitar. The more advanced the guitar is, the more sensors it needs and thus more backup power is also needed.

The line level of the guitar is usually powered by a 9-volt battery to power the pre-amp. This is needed as a line transmitting sound directly to the amp would likely be distorted and weak. Pure electric guitars have passive pickups in which this wouldn’t be a problem.

Do acoustic electric guitars have pickups?

There are multiple types of pickups that may be built-in or used externally. It is one of the means to amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar.

An external microphone may be easily used as a pickup, but it is even better if one is mounted within the guitar. This is mostly an advantage as it will amplify the acoustic sound and sound just like the original guitar. Generally speaking, it can be more expensive than other types of pickups.

Magnetic pickups are used to convert the strings’ vibrations into an amplified sound. The sound hole is the perfect place to put these, but other parts of the guitar may work as well. Using this method, you may not have to invest in a preamp.

Do Acoustic Electric Guitars Sound Different?

Acoustic guitars are naturally louder than pure electric guitars, making them suitable to be used without an amplifier. You must also consider that the entire construction of the guitar creates its unique sound, making the strings a small part of the equation.

The material the body is built also influences the way it naturally sounds, which is usually wood for an electric acoustic guitar. There may be different combinations of tonewoods used for different parts of the guitar, changing its sound profile to fit a certain style. The tonewoods of the bridge and fingerboard are especially important.

There are lots of guitars to choose from with different materials, sizes and brands. If you need a good deal on a new electric acoustic guitar, step into our store and see what’s in stock.


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