Megatone Music has a vast collections of vintage, used and new effects. We probably have the best selection of used, new and vintage Electro-Harmonix effects than any store in the country. We carry boutique pedals from many builders like Xotic, Fulltone, Zvex, Carl Martin, VFE, Cusack, Big Joe, T-Rex, Swart, Monster Effects, TC Electronics, MXR and more ranging from overdrives, chorus to delays and reverbs.

Synthetic music is more than retro with Electro Harmonix. Many modern bands including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club utilize the unique synthetic sounds from the company’s many products.

Who is Electro-Harmonix?

Mike Matthews founded Electro-Harmonix (EHX) in 1968 after working as a salesman for IBM. With audio repairman Bill Berko, he started distributing different pedals to bands ranging from the Rolling Stones to Jimi Hendrix.

Early products included the Big Muff Pi and Small Stone. Pete Townshend, The Edge, Jack White, David Gilmoure, and Kurt Cobain all used the Big Muff Pi.

The manufacturer’s pedals were immensely popular even after a brief hiatus in the 1990s. Backed by popular demand, the company re-entered the pedal market and started to expand its inventory in 2002. Their sound continues to permeate concert venues.

The hardware manufacturer branched out to surface-mount circuit boards in 2006 and continues to expand their offerings. Pedals, mixers, loopers, and vintage models continue to sell well. Mega Tone Music sells nearly every product made by this infamous manufacturer.

What sounds do Electro Harmonix Pedals Produce?

The pedals made by this respectable manufacturer produce nearly any tone you desire. Whether looking for the sound of Led Zeppelin or something distinctly 1980s, their products offer a wide range of filter effects. Mimic your favorite bands such as Rush and Devo or blaze your path.

Loopers and sound laboratories add a unique flair to your music. Upper vibrato and even an Apple-inspired organ sound are all possible with these synthesizers. The C9 Organ Machine and Switchblade Plus avoid the need for an external mixer, allowing you to push audio to any amplifier you wish.

Create chatter, magnify sound, turn your guitar into an organ, and more without additional equipment. The pedals and simple machines combine to avoid extra hassle. There are dozens of pedals to choose from.

Which instruments does this effects manufacturer support?

Pedals, loopers, and laboratories support bass and electric guitars. To enhance the power of your performance, EHX started producing made to order strings.

The company produces pedals which mimic other instruments as well. The MEL9 Tape Replay Machine recreates the effect of vintage tape keyboards.

Can I chain effects pedals?

It is possible to chain pedals to provide a wide range of effects in your music. One Spot multiplug cables run as low as $13.88 and combine up to eight devices. Mega Tone Music sells the MC5 Multi-Plug 8 cable for $14.99.

An additional power supply helps make pedal management efficient. We offer the CS7 Pedal Power supply for $119.95.

Where can I buy EHX products?

EHX does not sell its products directly. Instead, they rely on an extensive network of retailers across the world to power their brand.

Mega Tone Music is one such retailer. Electro-Harmonix authorizes us to provide every product in their lineup.

If you are interested in adding synthesizers to your music and would like to use one of the most established brands in the industry, contact us today. Electro Harmonix gives the player the power to create anything.


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