Megatone Music has a vast collections of vintage, used and new effects. We probably have the best selection of used, new and vintage Electro-Harmonix effects than any store in the country. We carry boutique pedals from many builders like Strymon, Xotic, Fulltone, Zvex, Cusack, Big Joe, MXR and more ranging from overdrives, chorus to delays and reverbs.

Can I chain effects pedals?

It is possible to chain pedals to provide a wide range of effects in your music. One Spot multiplug cables run as low as $13.88 and combine up to eight devices. Mega Tone Music sells the MC5 Multi-Plug 8 cable for $14.99.

An additional power supply helps make pedal management efficient. We offer the True Tone CS12, CS7, and CS6 Pedal Power supplies as well Voodoo Lab Pedal Power3.



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