A guitar strap isn’t something you think about very much but it is definitely a piece of essential gear. When you purchase a guitar strap there are several things to keep in mind. You want to choose a strap that will fit your guitar and stay in place. You also want a strap that fits your style and personality as well as your playing style. Souldier guitar straps fit the bill for most musicians. You are sure to find a style that you like.

Do I Need a Guitar Strap?

It is a good idea to have a guitar strap when playing the instrument. The strap not only helps you hold up the guitar while playing a long time but it also keeps the guitar in the proper position for playing. You can keep your guitar around your neck and your hands will be free to take care of other equipment while you are preparing to play. If you stand to play the guitar, as most people do, you will be happy to have a guitar strap to help carry the weight. There are many straps to pick from including the popular Souldier guitar straps.

How Wide Are Guitar Straps?

Souldier guitar straps are available in 1.5 and 2 inch widths. The width of the strap is usually a preference by the player. Some people find that the 2 inch style is more comfortable than the 1.5 inch style. However, the choice is completely up to you and the feel of the strap. Guitar straps are supposed to be comfortable so you want to make sure to choose one that will feel good and won’t pinch or cut into your shoulders if you use it for long periods of time.

What are the Features of Souldier Guitar Straps?

Souldier guitar straps are handmade in Chicago using high quality, recycled eco-friendly materials. The ends are made of hand-cut leathers and have a lifetime warranty. The ends won’t break or fail like some of the cheap models. The straps are completely adjustable so you can typically adjust them up to 50 inches. The straps are all incredibly styled and are unique and made by employees rather than being outsourced. There are many unique patterns and colors to pick from. These guitar straps are considered to be among the best and most coveted.

Do I Need More Than One Guitar Strap?

Guitar straps are removable and you can take it off and put it onto another guitar if you like. However, it is often best to purchase a separate guitar strap for each of your favorite instruments. That way you will always have a unique and attractive strap ready whenever you want to play. Some people enjoy collecting unique guitar straps so they can switch off whenever the mood strikes. These guitar straps are custom and aren’t mass produced so they are made for the discerning guitarist. View our many guitar strap choices for sale and place an order on our secure website.  


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