We Buy Guitars

Megatone Music will pay top dollar for your guitar. No matter if it has sat under a bed or been played in every roadhouse in Texas we will always provide you with a fair and honest price that most dealers will not beat. We know that your gear has value, monitarly and sentimentally. So we want to provide an easy going experience pressure free and stress free. We will make you an offer that is fair for both of us. Please note, while everything has a value sometimes we're unable to buy certain instrument due to market conditions and trends. However, give us a shot and let us earn your trust. 

The items that interest us the most are vintage guitars, amps and effects. We are also in the market for USA made and Japanese made guitars and amps. We welcome brands like Gibson, Fender, Martin, PRS, Gretsch and more. Some boutique instruments and amps are of interest as well.

Who makes the best guitars in the world?

It is completely relative on who the best guitar manufacturer is. On a personal level, it boils down to your price range, personal experience, and play style. When you buy guitars, it shouldn’t be limited to brand loyalty either.

You will need to decide on which type of body you need, which is certainly a factor when you buy guitars. Solid bodies don’t have a sound box, which has an advantage when electronically amplified. Semi-hollow guitars are versatile and may not need amplification. Hollow bodies are louder and great for acoustic guitars.

If you are wanting the best guitar for performance, it will certainly cost a considerable amount of money. What you should also calculate is the price to performance ratio, which even luxury guitar brands lack. If you are on a budget, you should research the features of entry-level products so you don’t waste your time.

An Ibanez Roadcore would be a good example of exceptional performance within a reasonable price range. It has good rock and roll vibe and has a deep resonant sound.

What size guitar should I buy?

It depends on the size of the person and how the guitar will be used. It is also important that the guitar is adjusted for your size for improved playability.

If the guitar is too long for your size, you will obviously have trouble hitting the right notes. With all this excessive reaching, you won’t hit the notes in good time or your strums will be rather awkward.

The average adult will do fine with guitars above 40 inches. Those with a small stature concert sized guitars or those slightly under 40 inches. The Dreadnought-size guitar is great for unusually tall people.

Is the guitar easy to learn?

Generally speaking, guitars are not the hardest instruments to learn. If you have experience with other musical instruments, it will likely be a cakewalk. There are some things to get used to if you’ve never handled a string instrument.

Soft fingers and sore wrists are something that comes along with lots of guitar practice. Of course, buying higher quality guitars may help with this. Otherwise, the main difficulty is remembering finger positions and reading sheet music.

Choosing a guitar isn’t a one size fits all solution. You will have to evaluate your own skill level, size and what kind of music you’re interested in. If you are interested in buying your first guitar, come into our shop and see what fits your budget.

Why is guitar the best instrument?

The guitar is a highly desired instrument for solo players since it is polyphonic and flexible to many genres of music. It is also available in many types, styles, and materials to add even more diversity.

The only other instrument that’s comparable is the piano or electric keyboard. Of course, this is a less portable option and it isn’t as cool for rock music.

Shopping for the right guitar depends on your style, size, and goals. If you are interested in getting started playing the guitar, check out our wide selection of beginner-oriented products.



The best method for contacting us is via email at sales@megatonemusic.com. Please include your full contact information along with a description of the instrument you would like to sell. Please include 4 to 5 high quality pictures to start. Point out any defects, scratches, breaks, dings, etc. Thank you.