This is everything you could possible want in an overdrive. It's built like a tanks and made in the USA for a remarkable price!

Check out the video. Shawn Tubbs really puts this pedal through a workout.

Big Joe Stomp Box Company, in collaboration with Paul Allen, announces the release of their dual-preamp EMPIRE overdrive pedal, complete with an Adjustable Buffer/Line Driver, unique Sponge/Firm modes, and innovative Body and Attack parameters. Preamps A and B can be used independently or combined to turn any single channel amp into a 4-channel beast that roars with clarity. Bring it with you on the road and, the days of being at the mercy of uninspiring backline and rental amps are over. But that's not all...

The Adjustable Buffer/Line Driver compensates for pedalboard signal loss and also doubles as +15db clean boost to create more lively and exciting clean tones, or give you that perfect on the edge of breakup sound. The pedal also includes a unique Sponge/Firm function that allows you to customize touch-sensitivity for the tube-like sag, response, and feel you get from an amp. The Body and Attack knobs provide additional shaping options of the overall tonal girth and pick-dynamics for limitless sound explorations. The EMPIRE's all-analog true bypass circuitry runs on a battery, or a 9v, 12v, or 18v power supply.

  • FIRM/SPONGE: Extraordinary tube-like feel, sag, and response can be adjusted with the Firm/Sponge function.

  • BODY/ATTACK: Add support and thickness to notes without woof using the Body function, and let just the right amount of pick attack through your tone with the Attack knob.

  • BUFFER/LINE DRIVER: Correct pedalboard signal loss with the Adjustable Buffer/Line Driver's +15db clean boost for that straight into the amp feel.

  • A/B-B/A: Switchable A/B or B/A function to change signal flow order.

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