Melody HG 15 Foot Guitar Cable

Little Brother of the Lyric HG; yet still beats up the competitors' kids without help at a great price.

The Melody Cable offers a 20awg solid copper conducting core, the same as the Evidence Audio Monorail, but with added shielding that gives greater protection and facilitates a tighter, more proper fit with solder plugs (outer diameter is about .275). The W3B2 dual-wall adhesive heat shrink has also been added to the guitar side of this cable for extra stability and protection.

Neutrik plugs are well known for quality and need little introduction. The model used with this cable is the NP2X-BAG/NP2RX-BAG, which is the slimmest, newest version.

Additionally, The Melody Cable, like all Evidence Audio Cable, is directional. This means sound travels through it with better tonal qualities in one direction than the other. This will be signified by an arrow on the heat shrink. The arrow indicates the destination (amplifier) path of the signal (the "IN" side of pedals).


  • IGL Copper conductor: Fatigue-free midrange and highs
  • Solid Core Primary Conductor: Tight, articulate bottom with midrange, clarity, and speed
  • 20 awg Conductor Size: Large enough to communicate punch and authority, small enough to avoid skin effect anomalies
  • 98% Shield Coverage: Outstanding noise rejection
  • Spiral Shield: Parallel conductor geometry minimizes strand interaction compared with braided shields
  • Low Capacitance: May be used in long runs without high-frequency roll-off Woven Nylon Jacket: Protects your investment for years


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