Excellent for Amplifier Head to Cab configuration

Evidence Audio designs and builds audio cables in the USA for the professional and studio market. Customers include Grammy-winning producers, engineers and musicians from David Gilmour to Ross Hogarth and more. Visit the Evidence Audio website for more information.

The Siren II Speaker Cable is a spiraled array of solid IGLTM copper conductors, individually insulated and isolated to minimize the effects of strand interaction. The geometry balances capacitance and inductance for extended high frequencies and dynamics. This cable is a proven leader in tone with superb performance.


  • IGL Copper conductors ~ Open and extended midrange and high frequencies without glare or etching
  • Solid Core Conductors ~ Preserve clarity and focus, revealing harmonic detail and articulation
  • 15 awg Total Size ~ A bundle of four 18 awg conductors which avoid skin-effect anomalies at higher frequencies
  • Spiraled Geometry ~ Highly dynamic with an open top-end compared to parallel-run conductors
  • Polyethylene Insulation ~ Holds conductors rigid to minimize electro-magnetic modulation of the conductors
  • Durable PVC Jacket ~ Provides flexibility while protecting conductors


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