The Forte 15 Foot Guitar Cable

The Forte offers 18awg high purity copper conducting cores, which deliver the superb sound you have come to expect from Evidence Audio, in addition to increased flexibility over its brother, the Lyric HG.  The Forte delivers articulate and well-rounded sound with a great bottom end, making it an excellent choice for bass as well.  Wonders never cease to be created from E.A.  We recommend you listen to this cable and discover why it is so deserving of the accolades it receives.

The Forte, like all Evidence Audio Cable, is directional.  This means sound travels through it with better tonal qualities in one direction than the other.  This will be signified by a red boot on one end of the cable.  The red plug indicates the destination (amplifier) path of the signal (the "IN" side of pedals). 

This cable comes equipped with Neutrik plugs. Neutrik plugs are known for quality and need little introduction.  The model used with this cable is the NP2X-BAG/NP2RX-BAG, which is the slimmest, newest version.


  • IGL-ECS conductors: Minimize the effects of strand interaction, the largest source of distortion in cables, but retain flexibility of a common stranded cable
  • High-Purity Copper: Open and extended midrange and highs without etching or glare
  • Semi-Balanced Geometry: Shield blocks noise instead of carrying your signal to preserve dynamics and dimensionality
  • Organic Insulation: Cotton wraps the conductors with a lower dielectric constant than polymers to preserve resolution and prevent smearing
  • 18 AWG conductors: Uncommon cross-sectional area for incredible punch and authority without skin-effect anomalies


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