Genuine Fender USA Original Stratocaster Black Accessory Kit

This kit is brand new! Includes three parchment pickup covers, three parchment control knobs with gold lettering (one volume, two tone), parchment whammy bar tip, parchment pickup selector switch tip, three ply parchment back of body vibrato cavity cover plate. Vibrato backplate has a single enlongated slot opening for unimpeded string access. Very useful kit of parchment plastic parts if you're restoring an old Stratocaster or building a new one. These parts fit many old Stratocasters and USA Vintage Series reissue instruments. 

  • Part Number: 099-1395-000
  • Genuine Fender 
  • Three Pickup Covers
  • One Volume, and Two Tone Knobs
  • Tremolo Back Plate
  • Selector Switch Tip
  • Tremolo Bar Tip
  • UPC: 717669448240

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